angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

Cosplay~~~ and random babbling


Alright, yeah, I made the National Alchemist watch out of Sculpy and painted it white, then gray, and then silver. isn't as heavy as people say it is (it's probably like 2 pounds at most.). That red dot is from painting my boots; I guess it got on my watch. I'll fix later. -._-.

Back of the watch. FMA fans will know what the significance is.

Here comes the scary part (not the costume, which was made by my friend, margauxz, but me. =D;):

Note: My brother is a crappy photographer.

OMGWTF. I look so pudgy (AND LIKE A GUY) because of that angle. I like how the outfit fits though (the clasp had broken during transit so I'm making that myself). The chain is being stupid there. And yes, I know my shoelace is untied.

With the red coat on. Still far from a sexy gal, but better since I didn't cock my head back like a cocky bastard. I love both the jacket and the coat but the coat is just so fun to wear! As I said, Brother is not a photographer. XO;;

That was fun. yay! Oh, and I was at a store that sold the gashapons a while ago($40. #($*#EFJ) and I was oogling at the display. Riza's....skirt-thing was backwards and was pointing her gun at Roy. Poor Roy. =D; I have a picture somewhere on my computer, I know it. I'll probably post it some other time.

And um...randomly, I saw "Al and Ed's Autoworks" and "Al and Ed's Hardware" 6 weeks apart from each other. My parents think I'm crazy when I crack up at them. =P;;

Anyways, I'm off to Madrid and France until the 12th. All of you have fun. Au revoir!
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