bob_fish (bob_fish) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Everything Is Better With Ling

Title: Everything Is Better With Ling
Authors: #1 enemytosleep , #2 sky_dark , #3 cryogenia , #4bob_fish
Pairing: Roy/Ed/Ling
Summary: Written for the fmakinky  anonymous kink meme with the prompt: You know how Ling has a charming habit of popping in through the window/out of a potted plant at the most unexpected times? Well, what if Roy and Ed were engaging in office seduction/about to have a crafty fumble in the back of a car/arguing over the washing up, and then Ling showed up, as he does, to offer them the amazing free gift of himself. Hilarity might well ensue. This can get as filthy or as mild as you like, anon. (n.b. it got filthy. And hilarity did indeed ensue)
Notes: this was written on the kinkmeme as an anonymous round robin. It ended up pretty darn epic for a PWP.

Please follow the fake cut for naked boys, a predictably large amount of snark, impressive displays of stamina, pillowbooks, creative and artistic uses of alchemy, bedroom oneupmanship, a bit of kink and a very large room service order.

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