Cat Spectacular (pyro_edward) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Cat Spectacular

Fanfic: Exodus Chapter One

Title: Exodus
Chapter: Chapter One, The Array
Rating: PG-13/T, eventual borderline R/M
Characters: Maes Hughes, Roy Mustang, Edward Elric
Warnings: Angst of the heavy variety, unconventional mpreg, me being a sadistic author, possible, light hints at HughesxMustang
Description: A series of events leaves Mustang frustrated, distraught, and ill. When illness turns to unbearable agony, a startling conclusion threatens to change his life forever.

(Colonel Mustang had no reason to be wary when he first entered the building. The case seemed to be the same as any other involving minor degrees of alchemic mischief: a few bored alchemists with twisted inhibitions using an otherwise innocent-looking building to conduct experiments without State approval or inspection.)

I haven't written anything quite like this, where a lot of alchemy is involved, so I'm a little nervous. ^^; Give it a read?
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