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Happy "Don't Forget" Day~

Last year, I completely forgot about "Don't Forget" Day, until about 10 minutes before it was Oct. 4th. D:
This year, I was making sure that I was going to celebrate (moving forward and such!).

So, I present a fan-comic. ...To be taken lightly, of course. :)

Hope you enjoy~~

FMA 3.Oct.09

Al: Congrats on passing the State Exam, Brother. Welcome home.
Ed: Thanks. I'm home.

Ed: Home, huh?

Ed: Al, let's burn our home.
Al: Eh?

Ed: We need to continue to move forward, right? We can't really afford to get trapped here.

Al: Ah... I guess you're right.

Al: But, wait! How are we going to burn it?
Ed: With something I picked up from Central. *evil grin*

Roy: *searching around his desk* Lt. Hawkeye, have you seen my gloves?
Riza: *sigh* You really are useless, aren't you, Colonel?
Roy: "........"

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