Irene Shafer (ibshafer) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Irene Shafer

Fanfic: Branded: Learning Curve - Part 7b (THE END)

OK, so here it is, folks. The last, and I mean THE last, part of Learning Curve. 

Once again, I'd like to thank my beta/cheerleader  alchemyotaku75 for all the pressure encouragement and bribery cajoling and for basically never letting me forget that this was a story worth finishing. (And I hope to post the carrot she dangled at some point if she's comfortable with that. I've seen the preliminary artwork and it's gorgeous and astounding and very,, detailed. [pauses to wipe drool from chin] So thank you neko-chan! You rock!!) 

Story: Learning Curve (3/7) - COMPLETED

Series: Branded

Author: ibshafer

Rating: Hard R

Character/Pairing: EdXWin... or is it WinXEd?...

Disclaimer: I don't own these people, they own themselves and are just nice enough to let me spin them around the page now and then.

Summary: In which Edward and Winry get some alone time...and in which the course of true love runs anything but smoothly...

Warnings: profanity, sexual situations, explicit without naming names, if you catch my drift…

Genre: Fullmetal Alchemist; AU, I guess...

Spoilers: none

Feedback: Yes, please...
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