Hope (peace_of_hope) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Aaron's new role in Brotherhood

So, after watching the video to confirm that yeah, they're getting rid of our precious Aaron Dismuke as Alphonse for Brotherhood's English dub, I had to think... Aaron will play someone significant in Brotherhood... WHO?

First thought was Aaron as Ling, which would just be a terrible mistake in my mind. In a lot of ways, Aaron still sounds like Al (and on the Military vs. Homunculi OVA, I thought he did an okay job as Al, it wasn't THAT bad) and Ling is just NOT right for Aaron and Aaron is just so NOT right for Ling.

Talking with darkblysse she then thought Ran Fan, feeling that she could have a unisex voice, although I'm still not sure about this one.

Next thought was Selim Bradley/Pride.... Selim has an English VA, but would the character's voice change when he was "Pride" and not "Selim"? 'Cause the Selim in the original series was like OMG GIRL and not anything manly, but Selim wasn't Pride in the original. Although, I can't see Aaron as someone so mean/villainous as Pride either, since usually he plays teenage boy characters and nothing that malicious.

So thoughts? I'm dying to know who he'll play. I really wish he could still be Al (come on, they can make Brittney Spears sound like a good singer, can't they make Aaron sound pre-pubescent?) and I'll always think of him as Al... which is why I'm confused about him having another part, because unless he's body!Al when Al gets his body back (he will, right, Arakawa-sensei, Al will get his body, right? *pleads*) at the end of all this...
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