Aya Brea (Joyce) (ekkusu_no_aya) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Al Hat/Beanie

There is a whole new meaning to NERD when I wear this XD

You can actually wear this so it rests right above your eyes, but I look horrible right now (it's five in the morning O_O) So yeah, you get a full view of Al instead.

Here's the Al hat/beanie along side the official coin purse that it was modeled afer ^^

This was a 12 hour project, between planning, shopping for materials, embroidering the face on the fleece, and hand sewing everything (that's why it's a little lopsided, I was hand sewing on a winging it patten XD I shouldn't do that.)

Will be sporting this becoming head wear (*snicker*, NERD XD XD) at Anime Expo between cosplaying Hikaru and Kyoko (Maison Ikkoku.) Yeah, I can't really sew all that well, so I go for the easy cosplays, and random acts of insanity like this hat XD Now it's time for bed. *thud*
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