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Virgin fic post :-O

Virgin fanfiction poster here! Kind of shy, but don't be afraid to tell me what you think. :-) Yes I am a fan of giving my smilies noses.

This popped into my head while reading a leadership book for class? Yeah. Don't ask. Charlotte Martin's music gave it life, really. I'll give it a name eventually...hopefully before I finish it...haha...only slightly joking there.

Title: Untitled
Characters: Girl Ed so far
Pairings: it's totally a secret so far
Author: moi. supa_ren
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive themes right now. No idea for the future.
Summary: Two people up to no good meet on a rainy day.

To her, the rain always felt like a cage. Tiny silver bars leaking from the sky and holding her captive as she looked out her bedroom window to the quiet yet energetic countryside. Lucky mom always cleared away the melancholy nostalgia with fresh cookies and a few rounds of card games. Al always won. He was just better at stuff like that, and she couldn't concentrate on things for very long unless it involved reading and even then it was sometimes difficult.


Now she couldn't keep her mind on anything for long.


It was nearly six in the evening, but a thick layer of slate gray clouds hid the sky so it seemed a lot later. Her right shoulder ached in the cold autumn air and she dug her hands further into the pockets of the navy greatcoat. For a few moments she studied its brass buttons across her chest before turning around. The rain collected in the folds of her hood and fell with a great splat when she looked from side to side. Minutes become immeasurable in the rain, so she wasn't sure how long she waited for the figure to limp around the corner.


He got very close, sliding a gimpy leg through one of the many puddles so that his suede shoes got soaked up through the laces. If that made him uncomfortable he didn't show it. The man's haggard yet handsome graying face made her think of a long-dead actor she'd seen in Central once. Standing so close she could feel his cigarette-saturated breath on her cheek, he spoke, "I never thought I'd get a call from someone like you, alchemist."


His voice was smooth and almost opulent. Probably a blue blood by birth, but now someone else altogether. "Yeah, well it's not like this is a common situation."


The man must have noticed her incorrigible country accent because now he just looked smug.


"No. I suppose it's not."


This rendezvous was moving way too slowly. She grit her teeth in a snarl and held out a gloved hand. It was gray like the clouds. The cripple pulled out a thick envelope wrapped in twine and for a frustratingly long moment they both watched the rain drip on it. Then, rethinking his action he stuffed it back into his pocket and proceeded to limp toward a corner building.


"I'm sure you'll understand I want your end of the bargain first, just to make sure you don't run off with this little treasure."


She didn't say anything, but immediately fell in line behind him, eyes following her feet against the cobblestone street.


"I saw pictures of you when you were just a teen. Hell, a lot of men saw you then, and if I'm anything of a good predictor I would say I've got a pretty good idea of what you're hiding beneath that soldier's coat."


She heard the lecherousness in his voice but pretended not to. The man limped through the doorway, haloed by the yellow glow of cheap light bulbs. He motioned her in and she paused for just a moment in hesitation before climbing the stairs, stroking her wedding band in her pocket.


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