Mumsy ♥ (insanityin3d) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Mumsy ♥

Fanfic: "That Voiceless Cry"

Is that fanfiction I smell? Why, I believe it is! Huh...smells like Fluffernutter...

Title: That Voiceless Cry
Character(s): Ed, Envy
Rating: PG/T (just one word, but still...)
Word Count: 1,081
Summary: Ed needs some time to collect his thoughts, but finds his time alone interrupted by Envy. Irritation and fluff ensue...
A/N: No lie...this is my first stab at any sort of pairing in FMA. I KNOW, RIGHT?! But, that's what I get for getting into the fandom late. OH WELL! Please enjoy my fluff. I think it's rather cute and would enjoy some positive/constructive feedback. :3

Here on! :D
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