Improbable Design (darkazriel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Improbable Design

Thoughts on 36

These are just general impressions of ep. 36. Spoileriffic!

Oh, Cain Fury... That's gotta hurt. And Hawkeye later on. "This is for the bruise you gave him!" XD

Is an exile someone who practices alchemy, or someone who kills to get the philosopher's stome? If it was alchemists, shouldn't the two kids be going "OMG unclean" to Ed? Or is it just Ishvarite alchemists that are impure?

Dear lord, watch your back Roy. Winry's found out who killed her parents, and she's going to be beating you to death with a wrench And when Winry said she was going to see Hughes and Alicia, why did Hawkeye just say "yes", not "Hughes is dead"? Did she not want Ed and Al to know?

Scar is such a weirdo. Yeah, you wanted to protect your people, but come on. You just said you'd kill lots and lots of people to do it, something you didn't want to do. Scar just wanted to get rid of the alchemists, and now... Well... Watch out, military. Any WTF? why was he in Liore?

After this angst-heavy episode, the next one looks like complete crack. What a long episode name! "Fire Alchemist, fighting lieutenant, monster of the thirteenth hangar". Black Hayate, military-centric, Shower!Winry, more black hayate, Fury and Farman freaking out, and Havoc goes on a date. Or something. That's all I got from the teaser. ^_^

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