Irene Shafer (ibshafer) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Irene Shafer

Old Issues of New Type - English

[Pix added below...]

Would anyone be interested in some issues of New Type magazine from 2006?

Mostly FMA covers. I bought anything that had it on the cover or had some big article inside.

I've probably got at least 10 of them.

If no one is interested in them, I'll probably just toss them. No room store, lovely as they are. I got my $13.95 out of them already. :-]

Lemme know and we can talk - sale, trade or whatever.

I'll also be posting some FMA dj's soon - all RoyXEd, most PG.


Sept & Oct 2006
Newtype-SeptOct2006.jpg picture by ibshafer

Apr & Nov 2006
Newtype-aprNov2006.jpg picture by ibshafer

May & June 2006

Newtype-MayJune2006.jpg picture by ibshafer

Jan 2006 (Possibly spoken for already...)

Newtype-Jan2006.jpg picture by ibshafer

Feb & Mar 2006
Newtype-FebMar2006.jpg picture by ibshafer

I've taken pictures of various FMA related articles, but didn't keep track of the issue #'s on them. If you want to see them, let me know. (They all seem to be related to CoS, though they range across many months...)

OK, let me know if you're interested in anything. We can work out some sort of deal.

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