Mumsy ♥ (insanityin3d) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Mumsy ♥

Fanfic: "Crimson Keys"

Hello there! I have some fanfiction some of you might enjoy.

Title: Crimson Keys
Character(s): Kimbley
Rating: PG/K+ on (It's Kimbley. He can get a bit freaky, so...yeah...)
Word Count: 930
Summary: Kimbley has always been a fan of the arts, mostly music. But that piano just sits in that room, collecting dust...who will play for him? And who will appreciate the art as much as he does?
A/N: Inspired by my own set theme for Kimbley, "Intermezzo Bright Violet Euphoria" by Cinema Strange. I love this piece of music, it's deranged melody fits Kimbley's personality perfectly. ENJOY!

Here on :D
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