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Fanfic: An Ed and Roy Lemon Story

Title: An Ed and Roy Lemon Story
Author: annepackrat
Series: any really, manga or anime
Word Count: 1473 or so
Rating: R for sex
Characters: Ed, Roy, Winry, Hawkeye. Take a guess as to pairings. You might even be right. (But probably not.)
Warnings: Contains sex and innuendo. Crack in the tradition of "Riza Hawkeye, Cock Inspector."

Summary: Ed has a really dirty mind, but Roy's been helping it along.

( Lowering his head and fluttering his eyelashes in a seductive manner, Roy replied coyly, 'Because you're the hottest thing on two legs on this base.' He raised his head and regarded Ed, his smirk widening. 'Besides me, of course.' )

Fake cut to my journal. Crossposted to fm_alchemist, and my own journal. I apologize for any spamming of friends lists that occurs because of this.

Thank you for reading.
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