megalopolis_mod (megalopolis_mod) wrote in fm_alchemist,

MEGALOPOLIS -- a panfandom dr

Welcome to Megalopolis, a multi-fandom dressing room RP that accepts characters from just about anywhere. Megalopolis is brand new and there is an interaction post to get things started, but intro posts are still welcome and highly encouraged. Want to try out a character you're not quite sure you've the hang of? Want to play out something you can't elsewhere? Or maybe you're just bored? Come on in!

When you join Megalopolis, your character will arrive at the toll of a modern day city and will find that they're confined to the space (for now). Trying to go back the other way will knock you into an invisible wall and shock you a bit, a la The World Ends with You. Progressing into the city you'll find that it's completely deserted - it's actually as if everyone just disappeared in the middle of the day. Stores are left wide open just begging to be stolen from, homes have keys left under the mats, and so on.

Flung into a city with complete strangers surrounding you and opportunities at hand, what will you do?

megalopolis_dr x megalopolis_ooc

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