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I bring fic


Hello! I haven't posted anything to this community yet (or LJ in general, in fact) , but it felt like this was the right time to contribute with something. :3 So I bring you... SMUTFIC!

Title: The more, the merrier 1/?
Author: Nithela
Rating: M the whole way.
Limeish threesome (in a way), a few naughty words.
Summary: Roy walks in on Winry being all hot and bothered, and the cause of it - Edward - joins them. Smut ensues.
Note: I wrote this mostly because I haven't seen any Roy/Winry/Ed-fics out there, and threesomes are always nice! This is also my very first attempt at smut, be kind... ^^; And it's manga/FMA:B-verse, but no spoilers, really
I own an apartment, a computer, and a Ford Fiesta from -82. But no masterpieces like FMA  .__. and I'm Swedish, so forgive my failing grammar and spelling.

Link to my fanfiction account, since the cut won't work for me -__-;

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