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6th FMA novel?

Hiya folks,

Anyone know anything about a 6th FMA novel?

(I know there were 5 - last one supposedly published back in 2007 at least the VizMedia one, so the original will have been approximately a year before that if not more...)

So, just know I found myself by accident on the Gangan site, stumbled across the 'novels' link, saw a number 6, got curious & clicked on and was then completely and utterly lost ^^; (I tried Googling to little no avail) Ergo, I came here, humbly asking whether anyone knows anything. Much appreciated!

Also, does anyone have that sketch of Mustang in uniform from the afterword of the 5th novel? (Been looking at several image hosting sites: the closest I came was finding an illustration of the 2nd novel) ^^;

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