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Paranoia, government conspiracy, zombies, and WWII's biggest coverup. Are you smart enough to crack the mystery around the Gate? You'll have to survive within the walls of Veles first! Located in war torn Minsk, Russia, the last remnants of human civilization tries to flourish in a land infested with zombies and covered in ruins. They struggle to adapt to the sudden influx of strange people that are deposited by the FLUX GATE. What is the Gate? Is it a vortex? Is it sentient? No one knows, really, and no one has yet to get past the priests that protect this icon of mystery.

Feel free to browse the character wish list here.

In terms of FMA, we only have Maes Hughes, Ed Elric, Alphonse Elric, and Alfons Heiderich. We are looking for more cast members! Manga, Anime G1-G2, and Movie canons are welcome, as currently we have a fine mix between everything (and it works!)

Characters we would LOVE to see apply:

Gracia (Maes would prefer Movie verse, just because he wants his little snookim wookims safe and happy with mommy)

Roy Mustang



Other than that, anyone else is available for play and will be welcomed with open arms (unless you're a bad guy, in which a transmutation circle will greet you ♥) Ling, Mei, Ran Fan, Heinkel, ARMSTRONG~ Take your pick, we'll be waiting for you with surprises galore with having a tiny cast developing CR for almost 2 years, there!

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