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I did a little doodle in class today that I thought I'd show you guys. XD

I was inspired by the other schoolgirl drawing. ^^; I know I made Ed shorter than he should be, but not much. I like their expressions, and Ed's little "DEATH" skull bubble thingy. I can imagine the dialogue.

Roy: Hey, Fullmetal, that's not bad. Not bad at ALL.
Ed: I will kill you.... with death and killing...

I had the suggestion to draw Roy as a teacher instead of another student, but I'd already inked it. :3 So, it's open for anyone else. Me and a friend were also thinking how funny it would be if the two of them had to go undercover at an all girls' school for whatever reason. I know Roy wouldn't mind. XD

Okay, I'll shut up now. :x

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