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[rp pimpage] Quo Vadis Academy, Multifandom AU school rp

Let me know if this isn't allowed! We don't have any FMA characters yet, but I've love to see 'em.


Quo Vadis Academy
You've been living your days at school for 6+ years of your life now; you're used to how things are supposed to be done, you're used to the same walk or train ride to school, you're used to the same old, same old. It's normal.

Sitting on the open ledge of your 2nd-story-or-higher window is someone who threatens all of this. Why is he wearing such a wide grin? Where did he buy those ridiculous-looking white thick-rimmed sunglasses? Before you can ask these questions out loud, men in black suits line up in your room (Where did they all come from?!), shades covering their eyes and thin-lined scowls bearing down upon you. Is this a kidnapping? Is this a robbery? Is this the end of your short-lived existence...?!

"ENROLL IN MY SCHOOL~!" proclaims the grinning man, a shining beacon of fabulousness and perfectly-pressed clothes.

You feel like you've seen him before, once you get a good look at him. He removes his bug-like sunglasses to reveal the face that has covered magazines and newspapers across Japan for the last year - Julian Akio Michael Knut Axvig-Suzuki the 4th, 40-year-old (though he looks 25) billionaire!

You've been selected by Julian personally (after much scouting and possibly illegal spying) because of a "special something" or "spark", he tells you, and you've been given the chance to enroll at Quo Vadis Academy, an educational facility for high school and college students. You'll have to leave where you are and move to one of the dormitories on campus and say goodbye to any friends you've made so far, but there are many reasons to consider his offer. Companies from all over Japan, and some overseas, will be watching graduates from this school, and you're guaranteed many chances to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in any industry. The facilities are practically ahead-of-the-curb, thanks to Julian's fortune. Not only that, but tuition is not much more than that for a normal education facility, high school or college.

"I've already talked to your parents/guardian," Julian says in a captivatingly charming tone, adding a wink, "and they're already on board. I want you at my school. I've seen it in you, and I want you and all the rest of the youth of this nation to get the chance to really find the potential hidden inside of them! So, come on!

Join, and know thyself!"
FAQ; taken characters; reserved characters

Still under-construction! Applications open!
Game starts August 2nd!
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