Kalliel (kalliel) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic Dump (Envy/Alphonse, Elicia/Alphonse, Ed/Win, Basque Grand/Tucker)

This is a collection of random fic I had on my computer but never actually managed to post/cross-post properly. XP

1 Mar 09: Gatekeeping (PG; Envy, Alphonse, The Gate, AT)
What made Edward Elric and his brother so fucking special? Alphonse Elric's body is supposed to be irretrievable--it isn't supposed to be sitting in the middle of a fucking whitespace, where anyone could see it!

26 May 08: What Matters (G; Alphonse, Elicia)
“Mommy says you haven’t been hungry in a long time, but I make you cookies anyway. I make one for you every time.”

15 Sept 08: we Lie in Circles (PG-13; Edward/Winry)
They breathe in, almost-but-not-quite in perfect synchrony. The air flushes in to brood inside them.

It is heavy like the storm clouds that roll in, billowing forth from the east (rain and gunsmoke and cinders—these are the pieces of a war that has finally died out).

“We had a fight.”

6 Feb 08: At the Edge (PG; Basque Grand, Tucker)
They are men at the edge of existence

12 Nov 06: A Little Religious (G; Elric!kyoudai, Cornello, humor)
I’ll be the first to admit our practices don’t fit into your religion, but we could at least pretend to be Unitarian.
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