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Blood and Ashes Part 1 of ?

Title: Blood and Ashes 1/?
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Other/Ed, eventual Roy/Ed
Author: inugrlrayn
Rating: NC-17
Warning: This chapter is nonconsensual and depicts graphic physical and emotional rape.
Author's Note: Written for a prompt from the kinkmeme. I was asked to continue it, so I very well may.
Disclaimer: I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist or any of its characters.

“There’s someone here to see you,” one of the guards cooed through the doors.

“Go to hell,” Roy growled, or tried to. His words were slurred, head still a bit fuzzy with whatever they were using to keep him pliant. He wanted desperately to lash out, but only barely managed a cold glare as the barred door slid open and the burly guard stepped inside.

“Come now, we wouldn’t want to keep your friend waiting.” There was a threat in the guard’s voice as Roy was dragged to stand, feet slipping as he struggled to walk, to keep up with the pace his captor had set. Not for the first time, he envied Ed’s ability to transmute without a circle. He’d have been out of here by now.

“You know, it’s really too bad you have such a loyal team. If they’d just paid the ransom, you’d have been free by now, but they just had to go and try to play hero.” Roy’s eyes widened. Did that mean they had captured one of his men?

Roy tried to sort out in his muddled head who would have been fool enough to come without backup. Surely Riza wouldn’t have let any of them do something so reckless. It only left Edward who never listened to anyone, Edward, who could not possibly have been captured because he was brilliant and beautiful and loved him… and was lying tied up and bloody and passed out on the cold stone floor.

“Edward,” Roy cried out, thrashing as best he could as his hands were pulled roughly behind him, cuffed to the bars of this new room.

“Can’t have you interfering, you understand.” The guard sneered.

“What are you going to do with him?” Roy demanded, fighting hard for a little bit of clarity.

“You have to understand, and more importantly, they must understand that there is no way to circumvent our demands. I’m under orders to make sure everyone gets the point.” The guard licked his lips as he looked back at Edward’s prone figure, and Roy’s stomach turned at the insinuation.

“No. Do whatever you want to to me, but leave him out of this,” Roy ordered, for all the good it did. The guard only laughed.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Mustang. You are nothing here. You can protect no one. Besides, tempting as the offer is, your friend here is a bit… more appealing.” The words were thick with lust, and Roy pulled furiously until the metal cuffs bit at his skin in reward for his attempts to get free.

“You’re not getting away. You might as well enjoy the show.” Dark eyes gleamed with sick humor as the guard grinned at him, toothy and vile.

“Don’t you dare touch him,” Roy hissed, sucking in a pained breath as the sharp edges of his cuffs dug into his skin.

“You’re such a bother.” The guard ignored his arguments, only tying a strip of fabric around Roy’s head to muffle his angry shouts. Roy, for his part, tried to spit out the offending article, but it was no use.

The cuffs would not give, and fighting to be free only pulled harshly at Roy’s shoulders. Desperately, he looked around for something he could use to get free. His attention was only pulled back to the guard when he heard Edward whimper, jostled by a foot kicking roughly at his belly.

Roy tried to yell Ed’s name around the gag, but the word was muffled, and never seemed to reach Ed’s ears. The guard flashed one more twisted smile at Roy before leaning down and yanking Ed up to his knees by the collar of his shirt. It had been white once, probably, but the blood crusted on one side of his face had dripped onto the fabric, staining it beyond help.

“That’s it,” the guard crooned, patting Edward’s head. He glared from behind matted, messy hair, but he seemed too weak to fight back. His automail hung limply at his side, a mess of shattered metal and exposed wire, broken far beyond repair. Roy gasped into the gag at the state Ed was in, struggling anew in an attempt to help him.

“You’re almost kind of cute like this,” the guard murmured to Edward, his hand brushing along the young man’s cheek in an awful parody of affection.

“Fuck you,” Ed spat. The guard said nothing, but pulled out his gun, pulling it back before slamming the handle across Ed’s jaw.

“I suggest that you behave. After all, I think we’d both hate if I had to shoot our hostage,” the guard warned. Working his injured jaw, crimson dripping from between his lips, Edward looked frantically upward, breathing hard through his nose when he caught sight of Roy.

“Let him go,” he croaked, wincing at the effort it took to speak.

“I don’t think I will, but if you behave, I’ll spare his life.” Ed’s eyes narrowed in anger at the guard’s counter offer, but he ignored Roy’s frantic, muffled cries into the gag, the rattling of chains, and nodded his head.

“Good boy.” The guard wasted no time in pulling at the hem of Edward’s shirt in an attempt to tug it free.

“The fuck are you doing?” Ed hissed, trying to pull away. He cried out again as metal connected with his jaw, nearly knocking him off of his feet.

“No questions,” the guard barked, forcing Ed to lift his human arm enough to pull the sleeve free. The fabric caught on his ruined automail, and the guard yanked it free, nearly ripping what was left of the appendage from its socket. Ed howled in agony, looking very much ready to pass out from the pain.

He couldn’t watch, couldn’t see Edward treated his way. Roy shut his eyes against it, cursing his inability to do something, anything to protect Ed. The guard, though, had other ideas. “Oh no you don’t, Mustang. You don’t get out of this so easy. You’ll watch if you want him to live through this.”

Satisfied that he had Mustang’s attention, the guard turned back to Edward. He shoved the young man’s battered form back onto the concrete, pinning him in place with a heavy boot to his bare chest. Ed gasped for breath, eyes widening under the crushing weight. He did not fight, though, true to his word.

The rest of Edward’s clothing was stripped from him, exposing the full extent of his injuries. Bronzed skin was mottled with bruises and cuts. He shivered as he was left naked, cheeks stained crimson, his eyes clenched shut in humiliation.

“Please, don’t do this,” Roy begged, but the words were hopelessly muffled. He strained against his bindings until his shoulder threatened to snap under the pressure and he could feel a few drops of blood drip down into his hand.

“Get up,” the guard ordered. When Edward was slow to comply, simply in too much pain, he was yanked up by his hair, almost lashing out until he remembered Roy and stilled. The fight seemed to die abruptly, his eyes dulling slightly as his human arm dropped back to its side.

“It’s a real shame you’re so obstinate. I bet you’re quite pretty when you’re not beat senseless.” Ed shrank back only slightly, eyes darting to where Roy was bound, as the guard swiped the pad of his thumb across his bruised, bloodied lips. Fingers curled sharply beneath Ed’s chin as if he intended to try yanking his jaw loose. Edward made a muffled, pained sound that echoed in Roy’s ears until he’d have begged to be allowed to look away had he been without the gag.

‘Whatever you’re doing, fucking get it over with.” Ed’s words were braver than he probably felt, but he mustered the strength to sit up a bit straighter, to stand his ground despite his battered, naked fault.

“Patience lovely,” the guard purred, dragging his hands down Edward’s throat. “There are just so many possibilities. I’m trying to decide what to do first.”

The silence in the room was sickening as the guard took his time assaulting Ed’s body. Roy stared in horror, hardly daring to move for fear it would be used as an excuse to harm Ed further. Thick, grubby fingers traced Ed’s collarbone, toying briefly with the edge of his automail port before giving the ruined appendage a firm pull. Ed clenched his teeth, and though he looked very much like he wanted to cry, only a small groan escaped his throat.

“The real question, my pet, is how far will you go? Just how much will you debase yourself for the sake of Roy Mustang?” Roy flinched at the words. The drug was wearing out, beginning to clear his senses, but it only made the horror more acute.

“Hurt him and I’ll kill you,” Ed’s eyes narrowed briefly, the effect marred by the butt of the guard’s gun thwacking against his temple, sending him sprawling back to the floor.

“I rather think you won’t, but the sentiment is sweet. Isn’t it, Mustang?” The guard sneered at Roy briefly before focusing on Edward once more.

“Get up,” the guard barked, laughing as Ed teetered off balance, struggling to comply. He palmed his crotch through his pants as he watched, finally unzipping his slacks to set his erection free. When Edward hesitated, he grabbed a handful of unbound, golden hair, yanking it until Ed yelped and sat up.

“I think you know what to do,” The guard muttered, waving his gun at Roy, “And don’t think he’ll live if you don’t.”

Ed let out a disgusted, shuddery breath and clamped his eyes shut, tipping forward until the guard’s cock bumped against his lips. The guard did not wait, shoving his hips forward until he was buried to the hilt down Edward’s throat. Large, golden eyes widened in pain and Ed gagged, struggling to breathe.

Roy used the guard’s distraction as an opportunity to get free. He gritted his teeth, yanking at the cuffs until one of them cut into his wrist in earnest. Across the room, there was a sickening crack accompanied by a wordless cry that froze Roy where he stood.

“Show some courtesy, Mustang. He’s doing this for you, so quit messing around and watch,” the guard hissed at Roy. Ed held his human hand to his face, whimpering faintly when the guard yanked it away to reveal a deep gash across his cheek. Blood already stained his hand, and now it ran in rivulets down the front of his body.

“Back to work,” the guard gestured with his hips and through Ed glared up at him, he did as he was told. He breathed hard through his nose, bobbing his head obediently. The guard moaned in exaggerated pleasure, fingers roughly curling in and yanking on Ed’s hair. Roy’s stomach turned as Ed pulled back, revealing the way the guard’s cock glistened with blood and spit.

“You’re good at this. I bet you’ve had lots of practice,” he breathed, meeting Edward’s movements with firmly rocking hips. His lips curled into a wicked smile. “So who else, Edward? Who else do you let shove their cock down your throat?”

A shot rang out, whizzing past Roy’s head. Edward shuddered, looking frantically at Roy to be sure he was alright. The guard loomed over him, shoving him onto his automail with a booted foot.

“You wouldn’t want to cost your friend here his life just because you couldn’t keep your teeth to yourself, would you?” The guard threatened, his boot forcing Edward’s weight onto his automail until he screamed. Ed shook his head violently, his eyes briefly reaching Roy’s. The expression was heartbreaking, and Roy nearly closed his eyes against it, but he could not.

Roy pulled at the chains as quietly as he could manage, no longer trying to slip free. The friction aggravated his injured wrist, and a few warm, wet drops of blood slipped down it. If he could just get enough, there was a chance.

“As much as I’d love to come all over your pretty little face, I’m afraid that will have to wait. I have other plans.” The guard rolled Edward onto his back, hands roughly feeling out the young man’s body. He left no part of Edward unmolested, inflicting every inch of skin with his touch until Edward shut his eyes again, his face pale and sickly looking.

Edward was miserably silent as fingers splayed across his chest, pausing to flick against a rosy pink nipple already taut with cold. Edward groaned, but it wasn’t in pleasure, and Roy couldn’t help but wince in sympathy as dirty hands slid down a slender waist, prodding at bruises and palming his flaccid cock.

“No…please.” Strangely, it was not the hands on his skin that elicited Edward’s pleading whimpers. The guard had leaned down, lips dusting Edward’s throat with kisses in false affection.

“Oh, but you don’t get to say no,” the guard cooed, laughing as Ed squirmed in his arms. “Unless Roy isn’t so important to you, after all.”

Roy hoped perversely that Ed’s resolve would waver, that he could be saved from some of this, regardless of the cost. His stomach twisted with guilt as Ed’s body went limp, his lips slack as they were assaulted. He didn’t fight back, as if the life had simply gone out of him, and that was perhaps the worst part of it.

“Don’t do this, Ed.” The words were hopelessly muffled against the gag in his mouth, and so Roy did the only other thing he could think to do. Twisting his wrist, he tried to deepen the wound, to acquire enough blood with which to draw. He was grateful for the gag that muffled his own pained gasp at the action.

“You don’t seem very into this,” the guard complained, drawing his tongue back from where it had invaded Ed’s mouth. He dropped Ed to the floor with a heavy thud before rolling him onto his stomach.

“No matter. I have other plans for you, anyway.” The guard dragged Ed up to his knees, face still planted pitifully on the floor. Ed groaned in pain, and though no longer turned in Roy’s direction, the scene promised to be the makings of nightmares for the rest of his days. They both knew what was coming, and Roy swore he could hear Ed gritting his teeth.

Roy yelled and cursed into the gag between his lips, furious that anyone would hurt Ed this way, more so that he could do nothing. He was helpless but to watch, and all his struggling amounted to nothing but aching wrists and shoulders, and chains that rattled, grabbing the guard’s attention. He gave Roy a feral grin promising worse to come.

“Relax. I won’t take him dry. After all, it’d ruin him for later,” the guard assured Roy, the words caustic and sticking in Roy’s ears. The guard reached around to Ed’s wounded cheek, eliciting a soft, pained hiss as he swiped across the cut. It had mostly stopped bleeding, and what came away on his fingers was coagulated and beginning to dry.

“Why must you be so much trouble, even now?” he growled. The guard spat on his hand, swiping it and the blood across his cock and kneeling behind Ed.

Edward squirmed, his body trembling with the words he refused to give voice to. He looked like he might kick the guard with his automail foot, and Roy wished he would, despite the threat it posed. The guard cocked his gun in warning, though, and Ed immediately stilled, even now completely focused on protecting Roy.

There was little warning when the guard finally got tired of playing. He guided his cock to press against Ed’s ass, roughly yanking Ed’s hips so that he could press forward until he was buried inside. The freezing stone floor did nothing to muffle the tortured scream he couldn’t suppress. Roy tried to blink away the tears that welled up as he watched Edward whimper and press his face into the floor, obviously in agony and yet still not fighting back.

“If I’d known you felt so good, I’d have done this sooner.” The guard pulled out, ramming his cock harshly back into Ed just to hear the agonized sounds he made.

Already too late to protect Edward from the worst, Roy struggled against the chains that held him, stomach lurching as the cuts on his wrists bled more freely. The need for vengeance dulled the pain and his movements were frantic as he tried to coat his fingers with enough blood to draw with. Miserable, wet, choking sounds echoed in Roy’s ears, and Roy cringed as he watched Ed tremble, looking very much like he might try to crawl away from the assault on his body.

The guard was merciless, though, and there was no escape. Thick fingers dug harshly into Ed’s hips as the guard thrust into him, hard and fast and seemingly endless. The blood Roy could see was no longer from Ed’s cheek, and Edward himself shook in pain and misery, biting down on a ruined automail finger that did nothing to silence his cries.

It was almost enough. Just a bit more and Roy could free himself, and singe the guard who had dared lay a finger on Edward. He sketched the beginnings of a circle on the back of one hand, warm blood leaving a crimson stain on his hand. When his fingers no longer felt wet, he brought them back to his wrist, trying desperately to hurry.

The guard cried out in pleasure, his whole body drawing taut as he came hard inside Ed. He thrust a few more times, milking himself dry before pulling out, leaving Ed to crumple to the floor. Roy gasped as Ed slumped listlessly to the side, his breath coming in stuttered gasps, wet tear tracks cutting downward through the dirt and blood on his face.

The guard stooped to grab Ed’s shirt, using the stained fabric to clean himself up. He tucked himself back in his pants, striding over to Roy and patting the man’s shoulder. “That boy of yours really is quite a treat, but I still think that next time I want to come on his face.”

The circle was almost, almost finished. Roy worked frantically, his heart sinking when the guard tsked at him. “Really, Mustang. Do you think I’d let you use that?”

There was a sharp prick at his neck, and the world spun, making him feel violently ill. He hardly noticed as the gag was removed, the cuffs released after the blood was wiped from his hand and wrists. He struggled to remain steady, but as the drug kicked in, he was helpless to do more than fall to his knees. Edward was still staring at him silently with broken, empty eyes when the world went black.

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