i criminali mods (icriminalimods) wrote in fm_alchemist,
i criminali mods

i criminali + a panfandom mafia roleplay

In 2020, a cataclysmic solar storm annihilated the world as we know it.

Eighty years later, the human race has advanced. Evolved. Mutated.

Not entirely, of course; there are those born without oddities. The government has enforced strict regulation on the populations of the world, though parts of Europe and the Middle East have maintained some of their freedoms. In the midst of an almost genocidal global attitude, the criminal underworld has started to thrive. In Italy, those with abilities are prized. They can be used as weapons- To fight the scum of the underworld, or to build the forces of the families that make the city run. Nobility is a political shield against direct government attack, but in the streets, territory and dogfights are law.

What side are you on? Good and evil are nonexistent; everything in Fiumicino is shades of grey.

This is war. And in Italy?

Everyone fights dirty.
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