Branch (branchandroot) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fic: Circumstances (Roy/Ed)

I do not normally share out blame for my stories, but I swear I would not have written this one all on my own. Thus a portion of the blame and/or credit must go to all those who asked for another FMA lemon after the first one. *tips hat*

So, here's FMA Lemon No. 2. It isn't nearly as tight as the first one, and a whole lot sillier. I was thinking about the circumstances under which Ed and Roy might actually be induced into bed, and about whether the manga characterizations would be easier to work with, and got to thinking about the self-referentiality of nearly all manga where the characters know they're in a story, and I wound up with this. Thoughts on the conventions of doujinshi came in there too, somewhere.

Silliness, lemon (Roy/Ed), a touch of meta, NC-17, no spoilers.


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