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12 July 2009 @ 09:57 pm
New Opening and Ending!!1  
A quick YouTube search lead me to some high-quality results:

OP2: Hologram - NICO Touches the Walls

ED2: Let it out - Miho Fukuhara

Enjoy! 8D

Wolfsjunges: Talathia: Loveddriftwoodwings on July 12th, 2009 04:03 pm (UTC)
My reaction: hgdhweghegdhegeghgjhdghsghdag!!! @o@! URGUGJLAL:AKLAK!

<33333333333333333333333 LOVE!
riah_chan: Al hmmmmm...riah_chan on July 12th, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
Mei! Ling! Ranfan! ^____^
razan_chanrazan_chan on July 12th, 2009 04:07 pm (UTC)
Woooooooooooooooow This songs Is Great!!!!!! ~<3
I want to create something beautiful ☆: squee forevernumi_nami on July 12th, 2009 04:44 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, these are brilliant aaaaaaaaaaa
selenityshiroiselenityshiroi on July 12th, 2009 04:55 pm (UTC)
I like how they've switched things.

The new OP has elements of the old ED (the train tracks and the leaning against trees etc.) and the new ED has elements of the old OP (the wind blowing everyone's hair and Reesembool etc.)

The songs both sound great, too.
Toraneko: FMA - OSHI-darkyo on July 12th, 2009 05:04 pm (UTC)

Riza looked so manry in that lmao
and I wish that fight scene with Ling really happened, it looks so awesome ;A;
The Binary Alchemist: hohobinaryalchemist on July 12th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
::grins:: Have you seen the newest manga chapter? You might see that Ling fight for real next month!
(no subject) - darkyo on July 13th, 2009 04:28 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - eiliem on July 13th, 2009 05:33 am (UTC) (Expand)
hayaaateuh: °0°hayaaateuh on July 12th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
OMG, I didn't see that it was Bradley against Ling in the OP !
I can't wait for that fight ;o;

Mei is cute, the song is great and there's Roy. Twice.
W00T \o/
neferkaaset: Gring is Sexyneferkaaset on July 12th, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
O_________O adfjsdljfdskljfdsklfjdsfk

Holy Hell, that was an amazing opening! *SQUEEE*

Ling, Mei, Hohenheim, Roy vs. Lust, Scar vs. Ed, Ling/Ran Fan vs. Bradley. I am so excited for this half of the season!

I can't wait to watch the subs of the new episode ^__^
g_manluver on July 12th, 2009 09:27 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry for a completely unrelated comment to your comment, but your icon made me lol, greatest use of the particular panel EVER!
r: FREAK OUThelpimtiredyo on July 12th, 2009 08:14 pm (UTC)
I love the obligatory Ed and Al walking on traintracks while the camera pans up to the sky moment.

I really like the OP. Still underwhelmed by the ED, but maybe once I see the lyrics that'll change.
Shazza: ed_wtfispeakpew on July 12th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
;o;<3 love them both

i HATEDDDDD the first op so i'm really glad they're both good this time hahaha.
ちぇっず: mustangtachichezzu on July 12th, 2009 09:18 pm (UTC)
I love them so so much IDK why. :D
詠君: fma:// i'm feeling nostalgickitten_lily on July 12th, 2009 09:47 pm (UTC)
Don't really like the song for the OP, but the animation is looooooove! And I just love the ending <3. The backs!! That's really important for Winry XD!!
Rafflesiacatinthelimehat on July 13th, 2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
How do you still remember that?
(no subject) - kitten_lily on July 13th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Sushii: FMA ED&Winryhikaristar007 on July 12th, 2009 09:55 pm (UTC)
I just ADORE this ♥

Thank you :D

Yay for Lin! ♥
fullmetalrose: Ed big grin blushfullmetalrose on July 12th, 2009 10:03 pm (UTC)
Thank you for sharing I haven't seen the ep YET cause I'm waiting for the subs =/ These are brilliant! ♥
Kit: Glasses!Luluinulovinkit on July 13th, 2009 12:38 am (UTC)
Meh, I think Again was a better OP, but Hologram is alright. Animation is love, at least.

Not too big of a fan of the ending though...it sounds to me like Michelle Branch if she spoke Japanese. (Or maybe I'm mixing up artists...dunno, but the song reminded me heavily of an over-rated American singer).
Kayla: roy mustangfrostpebble on July 14th, 2009 12:09 am (UTC)
I got that exact same "this sounds like some American singer" feeling with the ED. 0_o No idea who though, I don't really follow music much.