g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in fm_alchemist,

a custom plush

I'm sad I never really see too many crafts posted on this community :C People should make more FMA stuff. Anyway here's a plush I just finished of my fav character from the series.

Its Gluttony : D. I've wanted to make a plush of him for nearly 2 years but didn't have the skills nor resources at the time. So when I got half decent at plush making and better resources I went right on the task of making this chap.

He's about 10 inches tall and took about 6-8 hours to make over 3 days. As far as fabric goes the list goes:
-Skin tone polar fleece
-Red arctic fleece
-shiny darl blue... I have no idea (it was harvested from a shirt given to me by a friend)
-White pearl like buttons (for the eyes)
-Dark brown button thread (for his mouth)
-Craft boots

cliche back view image!

And there he is among the rest of my collection (take note the other Gluttony plush was made by a deviantart user known as sweetplushiecake. She does good work ;) but the crappy Lust plush besides it is all my doing.)

So enjoy!

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