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In an earlier posting I mentioned a contest for entry to a Mep [Muliple Editors Project] Group I started for Fullmetal Alchemist Yaoi Edits.  Due to issues with the internet and almost loosing it and now I'm not sure if we'll have it after the 15th of the month, it's a bit confusing but anyway, due to those issues, my contest has been cancelled so entry for the group is available to anyone that would like to join as long as you have experience with videos, like fma yaoi, and will be active and perticipate in the meps, unless something serious occurs where you don't have time due to personal life.  So please reply back if you'd like to enter, you'll also need to choose a character to represent you for the opening.  Keep in mind that this character only reflects for the opening nothing more, he or she doesn't restrict your ability to use pairings at all.  Female characters are now available.  Some might disappear as more members join so your character you choose might not be available just ask if you can have them.

Here's a link to the group website.  Drop on by and look at rules and such.  If you need any help just ask me.

My username on there is AlphonseElric98.

So please take a look.^^  Two new videos will be loaded soon.  A collab between me and my co leader and a first mep between the group so I hope you enjoy them when they arrive. 

Thanks for reading.

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