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FMA Fic: "Circumvent the Sphere"

Title: Circumvent the Sphere
Author: nefelokokkygia (formerly hikari_katsuya )
Series: Anime'verse
Word Count: 292
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Characters: Dante, vague mentions of Hohenheim
Summary: And in the end, all humans are the same.
Disclaimer: Hagane-no Renkinjutsushi / Fullmetal Alchemist are copyrighted to Arakawa Hiromu.
Warnings: Takes place sometime after Episode 44. Know your spoilers.

A/Notes: Dante is.......interesting. I don't care for the original anime at all, but Dante jumped out at me to use for the contest prompt because of the complex type of character she is, and all the symbolism and parallels the prompt allowed me to draw about her. :D

(She has walked this path countless times, and not a one has differed from the rest.)

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