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05 July 2009 @ 01:29 am
KaKuRenBo - A Multifandom Alternate-Future RPG  
who will play a game with me?
going there is fine and easy,
coming home is frightening...

In a city of perpetual twilight,
where every shadow can become a gate
to a world populated entirely by monsters,
will you play the demon's game of
hide-and-seek... or will you be it?
come and take my hand...
The year is 2041. Fossil fuels are depleted, and a cosmic catastrophe has plunged half the planet into permanent night. The Greater Japanese Empire, situated on the edge of the habitable zone, is desperate for the power it needs to light its cities and ward off the oni--creatures that emerge from darkness to snatch unsuspecting humans.

Over thirty years ago, an organization calling itself the "Imperial Household Agency" ("The Agency", for short) replaced Japan's old government with promises of free energy, military protection and economic stability for the struggling citizens. However, there are rumors that the Agency is also behind oni- gokko, a game in which adventurous humans intentionally enter the demon world of Otokoyo to seek its fabled treasures. Many don fox-faced masks and protective charms to pass through the shadow gates, but few ever return.

There are also those who oppose the Agency: a lawless coalition of criminals and dissidents has seized control of Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, claiming independence from the Greater Japanese Empire. These skilled players of oni- gokko have made their fortunes in the demon's game despite frequent clashes with the military, and now they explore the other world in search of the Agency's secrets. But once you enter Otokoyo, you may never come back...

ready or not
here i come...

Mod Squad
Kari : aim - feed the ficus
Sanada : aim - aosetona

email : kakurenbo[dot]mods[at] gmail[dot]com

living is fine and easy,
returning from death is frightening
it may be frightening, but
won't you let me pass...?

Grygongrygon on July 6th, 2009 07:16 am (UTC)
feel free to advertise this at gnrpg_promo
『鬼』kakurenbo_mods on July 6th, 2009 07:20 am (UTC)
Thanks! That one's already on the lineup~ :D