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"Fullmetal Yaoi Fan Edits" Auditions Contest

I decided to try something sense the new series started up and I figure more people will continue to make yaoi amvs to it.  I've been looking at all the meps recently and I decided I wanted to try creating my own group but revolving around fullmetal alchemist yaoi instead of the traditional anime mep groups out there.  Here's my contest video if anyone wants to watch it.

I'd really like if some people entered it so if you know how to make videos please stop by youtube!!  The title of the group is "Fullmetal Yaoi Fan Edits" but that's still in edit as well as I'm not decided yet what'll be called so for now that's the title. ^^

Video Info:
The Deadline: July 31 ...I'll allow an added length for an individual person if you absolutely need it due to having too much going on in your personal life but it'll come to an end the day I find a whole bunch of people asking to have it extended. Also I won't allow anymore than five days if I choose so. So please try to be on time.
Rule 1: Fandom must be Fullmetal Alchemist
Rule 2: You can use any program but be creative. Just a simple unsinced slide show wont get you entry.
Rule 3: You can use any pairing and any material for the video. That includes the anime, manga, doujinshi, and fan art. It doesnt matter as long as the video is good.
Rule 4: You can use any music but Rap.

Judges: That would be my mom and I. We judge on creativity and how well made the video is. You editors that use windows moviemaker have the same amount of chances that song Vegas editors do.

The amount of people that will join: ?
Once you are selected, you must pick a character from the FMA fandom and that person will represent you. Unfortunately Ive taken Alphonse so you have a lot of other characters to think of, this includes anime, movie, and manga characters but they must be official and male.

Characters that will be available:
Edward Elric:
Alphonse Elric: AlphonseElric98
Roy Mustang:
Jean Havoc:
Alfons Heidrich:
Russell Tringhem:
Ling Yao/Greed Ling:
Hohenheim Elric:
Anime Wrath:
Anime Greed:
Anime Pride:
Manga Pride:

If you are chosen and there is anyone that youd like to be thats not on the list, thats male, just tell me.

After a while if these spaces arent filled up, Ill make another contest video so that more people have a chance at entering.

Have fun with this and good luck!!

Video info:
Song: Opening for the anime loveless, I don't remember the title.
Pics are from a number of fma yaoi doujinshi

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