Shikumo (shikumo) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Selling FMA PPP figures

Sorry if this is not allowed ^^;; I'm selling some PPP figures (Ed, Al and Winry), they're all brand new (in original plastic warp, I just opened the box to check).
All sold, thanks! ^^~

Top row: Winry (Type A), Ed (Type A), Al (Type A)
Bottom row: Winry (Type B), Ed (Type B), Al (Type B)

I've got 1 in stock for each. You'll be getting the figures in their original plastic warp, box not included.

This is the Japanese text written on their stands respectively:
Ed (Type A) - 格の違いってやつをみせつけてやる
Ed (Type B) - だれが豆粒ドちびかぁっ!
Al (Type A) - この空っぽの身体で何を信じろっていうんだ!
Al (Type B) - 兄さん!
Winry (Type A) - ああっ、なんてすばらしいのかしら オートメイル!
Winry (Type B) - おかえり!

They are US$10 each, international shipping by airmail included (you may add an extra US$2 for insurance). If you're getting more than one, you get a US$2 discount for each figure from the second one onwards. For example:
1 figure = US$10 with shipping
2 figures = US$18 with shipping
3 figures = US$26 with shipping, etc...

They're on a first come, first serve basis and I only take paypal for payment. If you're interested, please comment here first with the ones you want and I will send you a confirmation with my paypal address to your inbox. Thanks a lot for looking ^^~
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