Grygon (grygon) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Winry's clothes...

This is for fans who are extremely detail oriented, like myself. LOL.

Also for the old anime and the manga fans...

I've only seen the first 2 eps of the new anime BUT if there's an image or scene from the new anime that answers my question, go ahead and reference it as I don't mind minor spoilers and I plan on catching up with the new anime this weekend anyway.

How exactly do Winry's clothes work? I always assumed that she had on a cover-all, and tied the shoulder straps around her hips. Then today I had to resort to wearing an old pair of coveralls (my one pair of jeans are dirty and I don't feel like wearing my cargos or numerous hip-huggers around the house) and thought "hey, I'm like Winry!" then got online to compare... aaaand no.

The most I can figure from the very few shots of her front AND back is it's a one-piece shirt and pants with the shirt part folded down over her butt and the long sleeves tied around her hips. Or just same color pants and shirt? O.o Anyone know for sure?

NOTE: I know I know! I should know this... but really, I never paid Winry much attention until now, on a whim.

EDIT: mechanic's suit! Thanks for the fast reply, guys. I thought this might keep me up tonight but now I can rest peacefully. lol

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