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FMA Music: "The Tinderbox of War" (The Flame Alchemist's Song)

FMA Music: "Tinderbox of War"
Written and Performed by: binaryalchemist 
Music: "Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge
Rating: PG

For years I tried to write a serious song about Roy (probably to make up for putting him in a dress in "Revenge of the Miniskirt Army")--took forever, but one afternoon this suddenly came together. It's hard to play, difficult to sing--but it's an offering of love to a character who loved his country enough to risk everything...

We are not the victims--there are choices we must make
Use your art for wisdom, learn to build and not to break
"Be Thou For The People"--I've got to make you understand
Learn from my mistakes and blood will never stain your hand....

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FMA Music: “Tinderbox of War” (The Flame Alchemist’s Song)



By The Binary Alchemist

(music: "Silent Legacy" by Melissa Etheridge")


You come to me for answers, with questions in your


You want to know my story-the truth behind the lies

I rose and fell from power, so many years ago

Now my days are ending--

There are things that you must know


How a man who never raised his hand

To take a life before

Was transmuted as the Tinderbox of War


My origins were humble—a fact I won’t dispute

Raised by Madame Christmas in her house of ill repute

Cut me to the heart, how people mocked my slanting eyes

In a face of carven ivory, too pale to be disguised


Far from prying eyes, I wept

As I’d never done before

‘Til I transformed into the Tinderbox of War


One day I traced the circles of my art upon the sand

Coaxed the tongues of fire with the snapping of my hand

Summoned air to feed them, I raised the wall of flame

That day I claimed my power—I would never be the same

I pursued the ancient wisdom

Of Alchemic art and lore

And reshape me as a Tinderbox of War


I became a soldier to protect the Mother Land

I became the hero with blood upon his hands

Turned their world to ashes—I did as I was told

Too scared to end my life—and I cannot redeem my soul

In dreams, I hear their cries

Faces chill me to the core

No redemption for The Tinderbox of War


Sickened by my guilt I told my friend I had a plan

To overthrow corruption-To rebuild the Mother Land

I would heal a nation, torn by war and strife

My ambition burned to ashes on the day he lost his life


My tears won’t bring him back

Now I’m settling the score

Retribution from the Tinderbox of War


I tore their empire down, exposed the web of lies

Cost me my career—but I learned to my surprise

That I could find my comfort in doing what was right

The ghosts are almost silent—I can almost sleep at night

And time reveals the truth

I no longer can ignore

That choice creates a  Tinderbox of War


We are not the victims—there are choices we must make

Use your art with wisdom—learn to build and not to break

"Be Thou For The People"—I’ve got to make you understand

Learn from my mistakes and blood will never stain your hand

And from the Gateway, I will guide you

When my soul has found release—

And this Tinderbox

Ignites in flames of peace.






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