Panffle (katesmannequin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Title: And Hilarity, Yet Again, Ensues
Status: Chapter One of a number of veeeery short, semi-connected fics.
Pairings: None. (But as this gets crackier, some might start forcing their way in.)
Characters: Ed, Al, and Winry; mentions of Roy, Riza, and Envy
Words: 565
Rating: Pretty much G for this chapter. Probably PG-13 for the whole fic.
Summary: Not only have our three protagonists fallen into yet another high school AU, it happens to be what could possibly be considered The Worst High School AU To Find Yourself In Ever. Hilarity does not ensue.

A/N: Blame danyellalot.

"Honestly," he grumbled, "you'd think they could be a little more original..."

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