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Balance of Power: Eden Gate -- Chapter Two

Title: "Balance of Power: Eden Gate" (Arc Two)
Chapter: Chapter Two: "This Was Not an Encouraging Opening for a Conversation"
Rating: PG-13 to R for graphic violence, occasional gore and Ed's potty mouth
Writers: The Conglomerate known as "Crackbunny Syndrome", aka: c_b_syndrome
Writers This Chapter:
mfelizandy, fractured_chaos,
...and our Contest Winner: yaykim
Beta-at-Large: cierwy
Spoilers: Mentions of events in the first anime, the manga, and CoS -- otherwise this thing is completely A/U
Warnings this Chapter: Language -- And apologies to Lewis Carroll

Summary: Geekery. Gratuitous character cameos. Explosions. Gunplay. Horseplay. Swordplay. Wordplay -- and foreplay. Bad puns. Steampunk fashions. Worse puns. Hawaiian shirts. AND THE DEATH OF THE NINJAVAN! Not even AAA can find this intersection...

Chapter Summary: Ed and Al and Hughes are back home -- but will they be welcomed back with open arms?

"Dammit, Ed! Don't go desecrating my van like that!"


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