redrose999 (redrose999) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Armstrong Question.... HOW wrong is he???

I have a question on Armstrong-Wrongness.....

Warning sporks may be necessary to participate in this thread :)

Ryk and I were talking about Brotherhood and Armstrong last night. In light of the most recent episode, as well as the Manga, and the previous series, I've come to the conclusion that Armstrong is gay in a, spartan-man boy sort of way. I mean maybe it's just me, but there is NO fucking subtext when it comes to his I must hold you in my muscles or invites to Ed to feeling him when he's all bulked out. Ok it's innocent, I could let one invite go by without having my slash dirty mind runaway with the wrong, but damn the imagery and the fact it seems to happen with regularity to Ed just makes me totally convinced now.

Yes, this discussion is wrong in the most wrong sort of way, but Damn, Armstrong, as much as I love him is one of the wrongest scariest characters I've seen... :) And not because he's gay, but because he is, Armstrong, in general...

Does he sparkle in sex? Sorry if I made half of you spork your eyes out, but I keep seeing it and the only way to get rid of a sporkable image is by sharing it with those you love.... Right?

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