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14 May 2009 @ 01:04 pm
ower and courage. Strength and fortitude. These are the things you’ll need to be a student here, in-between daily gossip, dealing with bullies, exploring the various off-limits areas around campus and every other facet of life at a school where flying and mindreading are the norm and even the teachers have powers. Whether you plan to join a superhero team or become a lawyer, your four years here are going to be eventful. Powers go awry, clubs form and disperse on the whims of the student body, and there are hints of a much darker threat than detention beneath the neat lawns and shining walls of the school.

Welcome to Estrasia Academy, where the students are super and the school is built to match.
― ― ―

This is a laid-back panfandom game with all the traits of an ordinary school setting, with the obvious perk that all those attending have a certain 'ability'. Beyond that, it is just what it looks like: a chance for everyday character development without vengeful gods or a dystopic, ruined future. Whether you're a teacher or a student, a telepath or a speedster; it's just school.