Mumsy ♥ (insanityin3d) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Mumsy ♥

I couldn't sleep last night, basically because this was suck in my head and I needed to just write it down. Just a dramatic drabble, spoilers for Ch. 95. Please enjoy. It could also help release some pent up emotions. X3

Title: Living in Envy
Character: ENVY!
Rating: G/K+ (on
Words: About 550
Summary: Just a drabble about Envy's realization of his own envy. Stream of consciousness stuff, basically.
Disclaimer: Nope! I don't own ANYTHING!
A/N: Um...spoilers for Chapter 95? Don't know what to say, really. Enjoy!!!

Read it on!

To anyone who's sick and tired of the Envy fanbase whining and crying...I'm truly sorry. XD

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