iono (tianneh) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Doujinshi - A Bolt Out Of The Blue/GD-Mechano (Hughes + Roy)

I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place, and I apologise if it isn't. Basically, I've scanned and translated the short prologue from GD Mechano's first FMA reprint. It's a sequeway of sorts to Zankyou Kieru Made and Senkou.

If anyone is unfamiliar with GD Mechano (Izumi Yakumo), here's a sample:

I'm assuming that Zankyou Kieru Made and Senkou have been scanlated. Could someone enlighten me on this?

Also, if anyone would be kind enough to tell me if any of the following circles have been scanned/translated/scanlated?
Pistol Dynamites, Kafuka, PB Violet, Kazuaki, and Kissed B.

Download at personal journal

I know the colour picture of Ed is random. I think he looks awesome, so I'm sicking him on everyone I possibly can. XP

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