Ilyas Shahzad (ilyasshahzad) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Ilyas Shahzad

Noyade - A New Breed of Panfandom Roleplay

Getting tired of the same old thing?

Take a trip to the world of Noyade. You'll never want to come back.

You wake up in a city unlike anything you've ever seen before.
You don't know why you're here.
You can't go back.
This is a deadly game.
Your goal?

A panfandom roleplay for everyone, Noyade offers almost anything you can imagine from a game. Mafia, mystery, supernatural, horror, fantasy, circus, and so much more, all within the borders of this new world. The more you find, the more you have to explore. Main events will happen on a monthly basis, and minor events will occur between these as they are organized by players.

Now on Livejournal, this game promises a haven for your creativity and your characters. Dark themes are promised, but not necessary. We demand high quality from our applicants and from ourselves.

Get a taste of something new. Noyade's waiting for you.

Dive right in.

Applications open on May 23rd; Reservations now open.


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