g_manluver (g_manluver) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I don't post in this community as much as I should...

Since I'm a member of a Pokemon collectors community I got curious about something; does anyone here have a collection of FMA stuff? I have one going on under the cut

I have a small area I have most my fullmetal alchemist related stuff is placed. Sadly I don't have EVERYTHING here (I own several DVDs from the original anime, an art book and a sculpture of Gluttony that aren't seen here).
What you can see is all 17 english volumes of the manga (I'm getting 18 soon), a doujinshi (under the official comics), a Lust and Envy figure, Ed and Envy keychain charms (my brother bought them for me), a Gluttony mini figure and two custom plushes of Lust (made by me) and Gluttony (made by the deviantART user Sweetplushiecake)... and my electric sharpener....

Feel free to post pics (make sure they aren't too big O.o don't want to crash any browsers) of yours if you have one :>.

Also, while I'm posting, I may not have any cash at the moment but does anyone have a doujinshi with an at least appearance of Lust and Gluttony for sale/willing to sell? =__= I would say fan comic with the two as stars or sharing a staring role but they're extremely rare and usually are X rated sexy time between the two... not much into porn...

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