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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War Chapter 4

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War
Author: Nahima
Rating: PG13
Type: Action, Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Language
Summary: After the movie Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Edward and Alphonse are making their way to through a new World to finding their friend and stop an Uranium bomb from going into the wrong hands.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

The golden sun began to set in the west as the trio headed home. The bumpy ride was covered with laughter as Hughes told Edward and Alphonse about his new wife.

“Boys, she just has the cutest smile when she welcomes me home. It melts all my troubles away,” Hughes continued to ramble on while squeezing on the steering wheel.

“That’s nice, Hughes. I told you that Gracia was made for you.” Said Edward, his head leaning on his right palm.

“She’s just such a wonderful woman, and soon I hope to be a father!” Hughes announced proudly.

“Great! Name the baby Elysia!” Alphonse interjected from the back seat.

“That was exactly what we were thinking,” Hughes had a confused look on his face. “Ahh, look! There she is waiting to greet us!” Standing out on a small porch in front of a modest home, a woman with short golden hair waved. Giving a big smile, Edward and Alphonse were reminded of the sweet Gracia back in their own world.

Hughes pulled up along the sidewalk and parked the car. He pushed open the door and ran to his smiling wife. Picking her up off the porch, he began to hug and spin her.

Edward and Alphonse watched them from the car and couldn’t help but feel their happiness. “Al, we have to make sure Hughes doesn’t get too involved,” Edward whispered softly. “We can’t have this ‘Gracia’ have the same fate as ours.”

“Brother--” Alphonse was interrupted by Hughes calling out from the porch.

“Come on boys, the stew isn’t going to eat itself!” he shouted. Hearing their stomachs groaning to be fed, the brothers exited in such haste that they almost forgot to shut the car doors.

“That was a great meal, Gracia. Thank you so much!” Alphonse said after wiping his mouth.

“Yeah, with the way going on… it’s hard to get the proper ingredients.” Gracia stated as she cleared the table.

“It’s getting worse in the country. We are having trouble even getting basic things like bread and milk.” Alphonse looked at Edward after stating the word ‘milk’.

“It’s a good thing I hate it.” Edward said taking a sip of brandy.

“Well, you guys didn’t just come here to have my wife’s wonderful food.” Hughes motioned to the living room.

Giving a nod, Edward looked at Alphonse who agreed. Picking up his brandy snifter, Edward made his way to a large living room with three large green couches in it. “Have a seat…Alphonse, would you like anything to drink?” Hughes asked as he went to his liquor cabinet.

“No thank you, I don’t like the taste,” Al waved his hands while taking his seat beside Edward. Pouring himself scotch, Hughes took his seat across from the brothers.

“I see the Nazis are taking care of you.” Edward said motioning to the well furnished room.

“Yes, being part of the Party has its benefits, especially in times like now.” Hughes crossed his legs as he leaned back into the couch cushion. “I did believe in what they were about before I saw how they started destroying everything around us.”

“So, what finally changed your mind Hughes?” Edward asked placing his glass down on the coffee table.

“there are many reasons, but the main one is all the destruction of the this country. Many promises that Hitler made have been lies. We only needed someone to blame and now…” Hughes paused sipping at his scotch.

“The Jews are being rounded up and moved to the Ghettos. The word concentration camp is starting to become known.” Alphonse muttered.

“Yes, and that wasn’t the objective…atleast not at first. We were going to take back Germany and get all non-German people out. So now, because of all that I am a spy living a double life, in order to save Germany.” Hughes whispered, looking over his frames at Edward and Alphonse.

“Well, we need your connections to find Noah and the uranium bomb.” Edward said, pulling the map of Berlin out of his bag. Placing it on the table, he pointed to the center of town.

“My connections state that all the records from non-Germans and Jews are located at the Interior Ministry. Now you need clearance to even get in the building.” Hughes stated eyeing the map.

“So, how do we get this ‘clearance’?” Alphonse questioned putting his hand over his mouth.

“That’s easy, Al. Out father was a member of the Thule Society. Luckily, there are still a few members left that are in the Nazi party,” Edward pulled a small piece of paper from his shirt pocket. “I got all their names and it just so happens one of them works at this bureau.”

“But what makes you think they will help us?” Alphonse took the list from Edward to look over the names.

“Haven’t thought of that yet,” Edward started to rub the back of his head, showing his embarrassment.

“Great Ed, we get this far and you don’t have a plan!” Alphonse shouted.

“Wait a second boys, I think I can help. “Let me see that list,” Alphonse passed the list over to Hughes. Scanning over the names, Hughes gave a big smile. “I think we found or man : Karl Fiehler.”

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