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Lord knows there's already an overabundance of fan reviews for the new Fullmetal Alchemist, so I dunno what I'm really going for in this post. I'm barely catching up! forgive me ---But fanservice is good - being able to see all the familiar characters own once again? It's not like I'm going to complain. It's a lot like meeting up with old friends, but finding that they're better looking now thanks to a bigger animation budget. Except, wait, hang on a sec - friends don't have animation budgets, do they? 

I also noticed a change in a few of the voice actors - there's good and bad to it. I'm feeling rather lukewarm to Toru Okawa's replacement for Roy, although he's decent and I know I'll warm up eventually. The voice is just a bit too soft in a few places - I MISS THE MUSTANG SWAGGER. Umm, yeah. Kimbley's voice is excellent and as sinister as it needs to be. xD

Anyhow, I don't have much to say except that the first episode definitely made a lot of assumptions of its viewers, so those new to the franchise must have been at least a bit bemused at the goings-on. 

AND OMGGGGZ THE OPENING. YUI AGAIN, ASFKJKHWRWRYYYYYYYY. I really didn't like it much it at first, but like all YUI songs, it's a damn catchy tune and guhhhh I promised myself I would never like another one of her singles again. DARN YOU AND YOUR GUITAR RIFFS. AND THE ANGSTY, APPLICABLE LYRICS. After watching the opening alone on the funimation website maybe, say, 20 times in a row, I've had enough. Now I just need to get off my lazy ass and find a high-quality mp3 (I'm sure there are dozens on the intarwebs just hiding in plain sight).

Anyways, to share some screencaps which I'm sure you've all already seen, yay (sorry - I cropped 'em for my own convenience).


You know you want himmmm -heavy breathing-

I really don't know why this deserved an LJ cut. Perhaps because I didn't want to scare you guys away on my first post? Well, too late for that lulz.
In any case, I should be getting back to homework now.
Or maybe I should decide where I should go to college next year, FML.

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