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Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist: The Second War
Author: [info]Nahima
Rating: PG13
Type: Action, Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Language
Summary: After the movie Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Edward and Alphonse are making their way to through a new World to finding their friend and stop an Uranium bomb from going into the wrong hands.

Chapter 1

Clouds slowly drifted along the morning sky, leaving traces of white mist behind. The warmth of the sun kissed the earth, giving everything a soft glow. Edward smiled, greeting the new day. It was the first nice day in sometime. It made for a nice change of pace compared to all the rain. Stretching as he walked back into the small cottage, he could see his younger brother, Alphonse, sitting at the small table eating breakfast.

Closing the door behind him, Edward walked over to the chair across from Alphonse. The table was big enough for two, but it wasn't much bigger than the kitchen it had been placed in.

Edward reached over, grabbing a piece of toast while it was still warm. He took a scoop of butter onto his knife and began spread it onto the toast. "Thank you for making breakfast." He said thanking Alphonse.

"You're welcome, I know it's not much but with how expensive things have become since the war..." Alphonse passed. Alphonse closed his eyes tightly trying not to cry. The thought of the war...and what happened to Noah, just ate away at him.

"Alphonse," Edward choked thinking the same thing as Alphonse. Their dear friend Noah was taken by the Nazis a year back. They had no way of saving her until now.

"Alphonse, I know I sound heartless, but we have to keep out heads about us. I got a letter from Hughes today. He knows where the Nazis are supposedly keeping her." Edward pulled the letter from his pocket, laying it out on the table. Alphonse leaned over the table and began to read:


The Nazis have taken Noah to main concentration camp. Hitler has heard from the last few members of the Thul Society about her powers. With these powers, he feels he will win the war. As to how we plans to do that, I am unsure... I will give you more information when we meet. Take the next train to Berlin."


"So we know for sure she is alive?!" Alphonse started to shake.

"Yes, but we don't know what Hitler has planned for her...or for how long he will keep her alive." His shaking turned to worry. "For now, we know she is alive...and we also might have a lead on the bomb." It had been over two years since the search for the Uranium bomb, but with no real leads.


Giving the knob a good pull, he locked the door. It would be awhile until they would be back, so making sure everything was locked up was priority.

"Ready to go Al?"

"Yeah...I got the neighbor girl Rose, to come over and take care of Winry." Alphonse smiled as a small yellow cat pranced up to him from behind the house. "Now, you be good," Al bent over giving the kitten a gentle rub behind the ears.

"I still can't believe you named her Winry. What would Winry say!" said Edward kneeling down to pet the kitten.

"I think she would be honored!" Alphonse smiled even bigger.


Kicking a small rock along the edge of the road, Alphonse looked ahead dreamily.

"What are you thinking Al?" asked Edwards.

"We have been down this road many times and yet...it never seems to feel the same."

"You think too hard about things." Giving a big stretch, Edward yawned. "Come on, we only have an hour to get to the train stations. If we miss this train, we will have to wait till tomorrow. And I am not sleeping at the train station again."

"You're right. That would waste a whole days worth of travel." Walking on Edward and Alphonse could see a line of smoke in the distance. Black smoke rose into the air; with a little over a mile to go, they know they would arrive on time.

"Brother, when we get to Berlin, where will we find Mr. Hughes?"

"He said in a letter before this last one, that he would meet us at the station." Edward said remember the other letter.

"Okay, atleast we won't have a hard time spotting him. He acts just like our Hughes; always going on about his wife...etc, etc." Al laughed. Edward smiled thinking back about his old friend.

"Elysia would be ten, I think," Edward wondered almost in a daze.

"Brother! Come on the ticket master wants to see our tickets!" Al shouted from the platform.

"When did he get so far ahead of me..." Edward thought before calling back, "Coming!!"

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