vicemage (vicemage) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Seeking spreads and pinups

Hello everyone. I'm looking to do some new costuming, but I apparently need to make it difficult for myself. So, I'm looking for official art of Ed in costumes/outfits other than the basic "high-collar black jacket and red coat" combination from the first anime and start of the manga/FMA:B, whether they be pinups, color spreads from the manga, GanGan covers, or anything else official. I'm not interested in fanart or games. I've already gone through everything I have stored personally, and everything in the memories here, so now I'd like to tap your collections, if you'll let me! Thanks!

Edit: I do have just a couple of the artbooks, the US release of "The Art of Fullmetal Alchemist," the "TV Animations Fullmetal Alchemist Initial Materials" book (sadly not helpful for this project), an untranslated copy of the DX manga book, and "TV Animation Art Book 3." So I'm good on any art that comes from those. Anything a little out there, from other sources, or from later chapters of the manga are all good, though. :)

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