Dai Stuart (eranith) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dai Stuart

Royai Fiction

I recently posted a few of my Royai 100 onto LJ when fanfiction.net was down. Thought I'd let you all know I've finished them all now, and, as before, they can be found here: Smile Like You Mean It

I have also posted a new story to pimp~!

Title: The Truth Will Set You Free
Author: Dailenna / eranith
Rating: T
Genre: Tragedy/Drama
Length: 13 chapters; 17,000 words all up
Summary: A man in a mental asylum is accused of murdering Riza Hawkeye. Over a period of weeks he tells the story of what really happened, to the man sent to decide whether he's fit to face court or not.
Link at ff.net: Henry put his head on one side. “You believe them, don’t you? You think that I killed her.”

Reviews and/or comments are appreciated :)

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