fredface (ariad) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Character Contest Results

It seems like most scanslators didn't translate the results, and 19 through 29 don't have pictures, so I thought some of you might be curious. I can't read the little comments by the characters on the side, though, so if anyone would be willing to translate those, it would be much appreciated!

1. Edward Elric
2. Roy Mustang
3. Riza Hawkeye
4. Alphonse Elric
5. Winry Rockbell
6. Envy
7. Jean Havoc
8. Olivier Mira Armstrong
9. Ling Yao
10. Ran Fan
11. Alex Louis Armstrong
12. Greed
13. Ling (Greed)
14. Zolf J. Kimbley
15. Van Hohenheim
16. Maes Hughes
17. Scar / Author
19. Yoki
20. Xiaomei
21. Pride (Selim Bradley)
22. Mei Chan
23. Lust / Black Hayate
25. Izumi Curtis / Glacia Hughes
27. Gluttony
28. King Bradley
29. Maria Ross / Heinkel

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