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Stuff for Sale!

So, I was digging around in my basement trying to figure out what I have stored down there before I move, and I ran across these DVDs that frankly, I have no use for right now. I figured somebody here might be willing to take them off my hands.

What I have are the original 3 DVDs of the first anime. I purchased these in Japan, and therein lies the problem: these are Region 2 DVDs, and have no English subtitle track. :/ They've got the first 10 episodes of the original anime on them, and the second DVD has a few cool extras with printouts of some of the character designs. There's also an omake in each of them, which I think might be unique to the DVDs. Not sure.

Now, I speak Japanese well enough that I could watch these if I wanted, but I'm not so much a fan of the first anime, and I'd rather somebody have them who will actually enjoy them. They're in perfect condition-- I don't think I've even really opened them in five years. I just want them out of my basement. ):

I'm not pricing these because I'm honestly not sure what to charge for this kind of thing, but if you are a Japanese-speaking FMA fan who has a multi-region or region-free DVD player, make me an offer. Something like $20 plus shipping, say. First come, first serve.

I also have Volumes 12 and 13 of the (again) Japanese manga, which I received duplicates of by mistake when buying up the most recent volumes. Vol.12 is the gold-colored 'early edition' that usually comes packaged with extras-- I do not have the extras, since I grabbed these two at a Book*Off, but they're both in very good-excellent condition. $4 each plus shipping. SPOKEN FOR BY fade

If anyone is interested, I could also probably dig up a few other FMA-related things... I purchased prodigious amounts of merchandise my first trip into Japan (2003-2004) and while at least some of it's been lost, I think some of it is still probably lying around somewhere as well. I know I have a starter set of the card game, at the very least. I will look if anyone wants that kind of stuff.

So. Any takers?

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