Shark Bait (grifstar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Shark Bait

Kunpuu: The Multi-fan Roleplay

Blue. That's all you see when you first open your eyes. Deep, pure blue sky. What is this place? You see an ocean and a beach--but this isn't quite like any ocean or beach you’ve seen in your world. There’s a town, too, just over there and just as unfamiliar. You start to think this is a dream. Has to be, right, because there can't really be a place like this. A tropical paradise capable of offering everything you could ever need or want--it’s too good to be true.

Your mind is going spinning from a dozen questions about how, why, and where. Is all this even real? Maybe you’ve lost your mind. You hear voices but they're not coming from your head, they're coming from the ocean. Whose voice could that be? You look out into ocean but you see nothing. You reach your hand out as if to grab what you can’t see, ready to ask so many questions that you already know will never be answered. You hear those voices again and you finally see something in the water when you look up this time... Tail fins.

Do you believe in mermaids?

Believe it or not they're in the water, and they love to play. But that's not what you should be worrying about right now. The only thing that you should be worrying about is the royalty of your newfound paradise. The two mermaid sisters live under the water, watching every little thing you do. They can control everything in Kunpuu--the ocean, the weather, even the moon itself. Why should you even care? Everything either of them does is based on what you do. Don't upset the queens.

This place has everything, but one mistake can cost you a lifetime of hurt. Is this a heaven or a hell? That choice is up to you.

♥Nicole :: HeadPhones!Mod
AIM: PsychedErasure
Email: (This is the MSN address too)
Journal: ixoutofxiii

♣Jessica :: Composer!Mod
AIM: shinigamiempath
Journal: kohakutenshi

♠Grif :: Chaotic!Mod
AIM: Clefiea
Email: (Also used for MSN)
Journal: grifstar

Kunpuu has a chatroom on AIM! You can find us at kunpuuisween. Just click and you're in~

Also, stylesheet by refuted

profile code by refuted

Just an Ed and Al, looking for more.

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