Jantra (jantra) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Doujinshi Sale

Decided to have an FMA doujinshi sale. I have a good number of books up for sale. These are all beautifully kept in shape, several still in original wrappers. I take the best care of my doujin that I can. All have been kept out of sunlight and away from dust.

These are all beautifully drawn with comedy, drama, romance, and straight yaoi in the mix.

All prices do not include shipping. I will obviously combine shipping. Price must be paid via paypal with the paypal fee (1.9%+30cents) added to it. (so price listed + shipping + 1.9% + 30 cents). I will ship in a padded envelope within a day or two of me receiving the paypal amount in my bank account. (These are the same terms I use for my prop commissions, is it obvious? XD)

Images are direct scans of my copies. Sorry the edges of the inner art are blurry, I was trying really hard not to bend the spine. Anything with strictly Japanese title I can't read, sorry! You can click any image to see a much bigger scan of it and read the title there.

Please leave a comment! I will NOT put any doujin on hold unless its on hold long enough for you to paypal me the price! First come, first serve.

Cover images and examples of art below cut

(Cross-posted slightly, sorry!)

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