Tryx (tryxkittie) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Live Raw Streaming Funness?

I know that Funimation is going to stream official subbed episodes of FMA after the raw airs in Japan on the 5th, but wouldn't it be fun to do a live discussion when the raw itself airs? We've done it in the Gundam 00 community. The mod would provide links for streaming and a timezone guide for people to figure out when it'd air in their area. Then the live discussion posts would be followed up with a post-episode discussion post. Actually, I do live posts a lot in my fandoms and they're hella fun.

So how about it? Anyone interested? Where would we stream the raw episodes anyway?

ETA: Okay I've created the live discussion thread and I will post it up in a few hours closer to the airtime. Just a heads up for all who may be interested in joining the chat!
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